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  • Car insurance costs soar 44% after one claim

    Source: Huffington Post

    It's getting more expensive for drivers to file even one auto insurance claim, with their annual premiums spiking on average 44 percent nationally. That's according to a new study that shows increases, on average, have gone up for three straight years

  • Car insurance: The 10 most and least costly states

    Source: CBS News

    If you live in Michigan, your auto insurance costs an average $1,930 more than if you lived in Maine. Those are the most and least costly states in a compilation released this week by the insurance-shopping website The differences aren't

  • Auto insurance premiums for 2016 by state:


    Michigan comes out on top for the third year in a row in a contest that no state wants to win: the most expensive car insurance rates in the nation. The other 49 states and the District of Columbia are all cheaper, but some not by much.'s

  • Cheapest Car Insurance in New York

    Source: NerdWallet (blog)

    If you're looking for the cheapest car insurance in New York, you'll find a wide range of rates for the same policy. To make your shopping easier, NerdWallet researched premiums from the six largest auto insurers in New York to find the cheapest

  • Undercover video provides rare glimpse into possible auto insurance fraud

    Source: CTV News

    If you're a driver in Ontario, you certainly don't need anyone to tell you that auto insurance rates are high. In 2014, the average Ontario driver paid a premium of $1,500, putting Ontario's insurance rates well above any other province. On average

  • Solving the confusion around UAE car insurance


    More broadly, our survey found that UAE residents understand the factors that car insurers consider when calculating their insurance premiums, such as vehicle type, length of driving experience, accident history, age and where the applicant lives.

  • 9 factors that affect your motor vehicle insurance premium


    ... of research and statistics to give you an accurate insurance quote for your car and the figure that you’re given is anything but arbitrary. Here’s how they calculate your monthly premiums: Unfortunately, your age has an effect on your premiums.

  • Budget 2016 motoring predictions: what can car owners expect?


    This would affect car insurance premiums, meaning all motorists would pay more: car insurance premiums have already risen 13% in the past year. Research company Consumer Intelligence says the average car insurance premium is now £683 and a further ...

  • Families face £190 bill if Budget raises tax on insurance premiums meaning cost would have doubled in less than a year


    Plans to hike up taxes on insurance premiums sparked fury last night as it emerged the ... They also complain that insurance policies for car users are compulsory, making it impossible to avoid the hikes. Research carried out by the Association of British ...

  • Nearly half a million drivers choose 'black box' car insurance - but average premiums still rise


    Nearly half a million drivers choose 'black box' car insurance - but average premiums still rise There has been a 40pc increase in "black box" telematics car insurance policies over the past year, figures show. The insurance policies, which reward ...

... small businesses that have been "purged" by their insurance carrier

... small businesses that have been "purged" by their insurance carrier

Understand What an Auto Insurance Premium is

Understand What an Auto Insurance Premium is

Auto Insurance Premium Infogrpahic

Auto Insurance Premium Infogrpahic

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